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This sequence introduces you to God's attributes. When we describe the attributes of someone, we can say that someone is strong, or very intelligent. But what are God's attributes? 

Another word for Omnipotent is ‘almighty’ which means he is ‘all powerful’. This quote indicates that God must be omnipotent to create the world out of nothing. The nothingness God creates from is not the nothingness of space, but an absolute nothingness which does not exist, since it is nothing. God has infinite power. All possible things that can be created, God can choose to create. He can't create aburdities (things that don't make sense, eg a square circle). God can't sin. 

Omniscient: God “knows everything” (1 Jn 3:20 see CCC 208). God has already thought of every possibility, both good and bad. If he hadn't he would lack something and therefore not be infinite. God knows the future. God is transcendent. Therefore God knows everything about you including your future and what would make you happiest. He has a plan for your life that you can only experience through him.

Omnipresent means ‘all present’ or ‘present everywhere’ (CCC 2671). God who is transcendent is not removed from creation, but keeps creation in existence and therefore is mindful of every part of creation. God is thus present everywhere since he has infinite knowledge. This presence is always a presence of love.

God is infinite. Infinite means 'limitless'. There are no limits to God.

  • He has unlimited power (all powerful, almighty, omnipotent)

  • He has unlimited knowledge (he knows everything, omniscient)

  • He is not limited by space (he is present everywhere, omnipresent)

  • He has always existed and always will. He actually exists in eternity which is above time and space.

God is “infinitely above everything that we can understand or say” (CCC 206)

“God is mystery” (CCC 206)

We are finite, limited. God is infinite, therefore we can never fully understand God. God will always be a mystery, but a mystery we can know something about.