Formation sequences

Big Bang image

Science and religion, particularly Catholicism perfectly complements each other. This will be verified through exploring the Big Bang Theory, Evolution and the Flat Earth Theory.

Eye of God nebula

This sequence introduces you to God's attributes. When we describe the attributes of someone, we can say that someone is strong, or very intelligent. But what are God's attributes? 

Angels at Mamre (Holy Trinity)

“The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the central mystery of Christian faith and life.” (CCC 234)

Girls and book

This sequence explores what it means to be human.

Christmas Crib Figures

Jesus is the Incarnation. The second person of the Trinity has become one of us.


monstrance blessed sacrament

Prayer is our communication with God.


This sequence goes into more detail about the attributes of God, particularly explaining the source of the beliefs.

Holy Trinity Icon Germas Loshnitsa

This is the advanced exploration of the Trinity.

Woman praying beside tree

This sequence covers various prayer types.

Woman praying in the Sunset

This presentation is to be used in a presentation on prayer.