monstrance blessed sacrament

Seeking and living truth, goodness and love.


Your intellect is not satisfied until it knows the truth. Truth is that which accords with reality. The Ultimate Reality is God. God has revealed the fullness of himself through Jesus. Not convinced? Let’s look at the evidence. Let’s go deeper than that and explore how is it possible to know what is true. This website has various paths to explore the content. You can click on a word or concept to start that journey.


Your will seeks goodness. The better the choices you make the freer you become. The best choices are the ones which fulfil you the most and lead to your greatest happiness. We can’t live life fully without help. Part of helping others is letting them help you. A true friend is a friend in truth. Your ultimate friend and your truest friend is Jesus who leads you into deeper friendships with others. Through the love of Jesus you are empowered to live a better life. Prayer is the basis of this friendship.


Love is both willing the good of the other and the giving of self. God wills your greatest good. He made you good and deeply desires you to be fully fulfilled in this life and the next. He gave his life up on the cross taking upon himself all your sin so you can experience the fullness of His mercy and have a fresh start. God never tires of forgiving you and giving you that fresh start. He’s dying for you to experience this new life that is always better than anything you can imagine. It is truly the best. Jesus loves you.

Introductory courses

This course will cover prayer. You are invited to explore until you know how to grow in prayer and then put it into practice.
monstrance blessed sacrament
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