God is infinite. Since we have briefly explained God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence we have a better idea of what this means. An infinite God must be perfect. If an imperfection is the lack of a good thing then in every attribute of God there can be no imperfection as what could be lacking from omnipotence? Omniscience? Or omnipresence? Every restriction we see is only possible because of the material world we exist in. But since God is transcendent everything that could allow for imperfection is gone, the possibility to be too big doesn’t apply as God isn’t material. The possibility to be ugly is gone as He is invisible. The possibility to be flawed is gone as He is beyond it all, This is what we call perfection in God. The fact that he is beyond every imperfection.

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God is infinite. Infinite means 'limitless'. There are no limits to God.

  • He has unlimited power (all powerful, almighty, omnipotent)

  • He has unlimited knowledge (he knows everything, omniscient)

  • He is not limited by space (he is present everywhere, omnipresent)

  • He has always existed and always will. He actually exists in eternity which is above time and space.

God is “infinitely above everything that we can understand or say” (CCC 206)