• 1 Intro
  • 2 Essential Elements
  • 3 Steps
  • 4 Winning
  • 5 Be Scrappy
Tick the cell for each started or completed checkpoint. Tasks just require a single tick. Skills and Habits should be started, but only completed once consolidated. In some cases this could take a month or more of practice. Don’t rush it, persevere. 
Tasks: Tasks are once off things you do. You can revisit them if need be.
Skills: Skills are things that can take time to work on to master. Each one of these need to be mastered before moving on.
Habits: Habits take longer to develop and should be reflected on regularly to stay on track.
These three points are worth emphasising since they are crucial to long term growth.
The key is not to rush. The goal is not to finish a particular portion of Scripture — or even to finish the steps laid out in Discovery Prayer — but to purposefully delve into the depths of any passage that will draw your heart and mind to God. Said another way, this method is meant to orient your mind and heart to God, and you can set aside the method when this happens during any given time in prayer. p 46
Allow yourself to become absorbed in God’s words as he invites you into a deeper kind of prayer, one that will bring you into his presence in ways that purely mental exercises could never achieve. You may not experience this kind of absorption as you initially explore this method of prayer. p 51
Resolving: What can I specifically do to respond to what God has revealed to me in this passage? How can I carry this encounter with me into the day to influence how I think and act? p 55
Once you have completed all the tasks you are ready for the next adventure: the Examen. You can still be working on your skills and habits while you start working on the Examen adventure.


If you begin now, even if you struggle a bit, you will be better prepared for what is to come: 

Reading: Performing an attentive, slow, leisurely, and repetitious reading of a short passage of the Bible 

Reflecting: Making an effort to prayerfully engage with the meaning of the passage and to consider how it may apply to your life circumstances