Omnipresent means ‘all present’ or ‘present everywhere’ (CCC 2671). When we say God is present, we do not mean it in the ordinary sense of the word. As our transcendent and infinite creator He is not present like one human being to another. He is working constantly, sustaining all creation and through his knowledge and power every place and time is present to Him. He ‘sees’ every moment and can act on every moment, so he is present to each one. This type of existence outside of time is what we call eternal, or beyond time. This is not a time not even an infinite timeline, it is beyond time itself. To God your birth is just as present as your grandmother's birth, which is just as present to Him as the moment of creation. He is not distant from the world as he is keeping it in existence at every moment.

Since God must keep something in existence for it to exist every moment, time and place that exists He is present to. If He were not, then it would not exist. So He is present at every single moment of your life. Even the most mundane is present to Him and known by him as Jesus said, "even the hairs of your head are all counted." (Luke 12:7).

God's presence is always one of love. Love is according to St John Paul II a “sincere gift of self” and since God is giving himself eternally to sustain creation, He is present always in Love. He wills to give himself to us personally if only we would let Him.

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Omnipresent means ‘all present’ or ‘present everywhere’ (CCC 2671). God who is transcendent is not removed from creation, but keeps creation in existence and therefore is mindful of every part of creation. God is thus present everywhere since he has infinite knowledge. This presence is always a presence of love.