Reef heart shape island

My heart is made for personal love. I want to know and enjoy the company of others. I am lonely on my own. I desire to know others and be known by them. Through their company I am aware that I learn about myself and can be truly myself. I become more myself through the friendship of others. I would like this to be complete to be fully known, to have a friendship where I can just be myself and hide nothing, just as nothing is hidden from me. I find that my friendships with others are limited and at times difficult. My heart yearns for a kind of infinite friendship and unconditional love.

God is this love that I yearn for, just as God is the infinite truth my intellect seeks is God and just as the infinite goodness that my will seeks is God. My heart yearns for God and as St. Augustine puts it, “our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” We have a natural desire for God which can only be fully fulfilled by him.

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