The Trinity is a family since the Father, Son and Holy Spirit form a family. This is important because it is the basis for every family. Since the Trinity is unconditional love all families are based on unconditional love. Since the giving of the Trinity is the source their identity so in family through sharing our talents and giving of ourselves we discover the joy of unconditional love and are confirmed in our identity in preparation for the fullness of the discovery of our true Trinitarian identity. No matter how good or bad our family life is, we are all part of the Trinitarian family with one Father, co-heirs with Christ and the gift of Mary our Mother.

Families is where we first discover unconditional love.

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The Trinity is the first family. All families are based on the Trinity. Our families are where we are meant to learn unconditional love and start to discover our true identity as children of the Father and co-heirs with Christ and Mary our Mother. No matter how good or bad our family life is, we are always part of God's family.