The Narrow Way FAQ

Is the Narrow Way just another program?

No. Programs can be very useful, but this is not a program since it is not a matter of just completing the content. The encounter with Jesus is primary and the Narrow Way is the means, therefore this is not a program, since it yields to the growing influence of the grace of the Holy Spirit. You can complete this way at your own pace. The content of the way are the key habits that the saints practised such as prayer, the examen, following a rule of life (plan of love), root out vices, developing virtues and discerning decisions.

Does the Narrow Way cost anything?

All the content on this website is free. The Narrow Way is based on particular resources which can cost money. The way you access the resources, print book, ebook, audio book is up to you. Anyone serious about growing in holiness would want to invest in these key resources. Once a resource is mastered it could be shared with others.

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