Omnipotent means 'all powerful'. We express our belief in God being all powerful through the creed, "We believe in God the Father, Almighty." 

Science has discovered that energy (and matter) cannot be created or destroyed. This is codified in the law of the conservation of energy. Since God created the universe out of nothing, he must be all powerful as his act of creating goes beyond the laws of nature. To create a particular object out of nothing would be to bring into existence a certain amount of matter or energy. But there is an infinite difference between nothing and something. ‘Nothing’ is hard to grasp as it is not just ‘empty space’ as empty space is itself a thing, defined using the laws of physics. Instead when we say nothing we mean the absence of any attribute or thing.  Therefore, To create something from nothing, God must be infinitely powerful.

God is also logical. There are some things which are impossible to God. God cannot sin (more about this later). God cannot create absurdities. An absurdity is something illogical, eg a square circle. God's infinite power has the ability to create all possible things. Since there are infinitely many things that we could imagine that are not absurd, then God can create infinitely many things, so his power must therefore be infinite.

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Another word for Omnipotent is ‘almighty’ which means he is ‘all powerful’. This quote indicates that God must be omnipotent to create the world out of nothing. The nothingness God creates from is not the nothingness of space, but an absolute nothingness which does not exist, since it is nothing. God has infinite power. All possible things that can be created, God can choose to create. He can't create aburdities (things that don't make sense, eg a square circle). God can't sin.