God is personal. God is in fact “Three persons in one God” (CCC 253). There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each person is God. Each divine person is distinct from the others, but not separate since each person is the one God. That is why we don't say each person is an individual, nor can we say 'people' since they are not separate. But each is distinct, ie the Father is not the Son who is not the Holy Spirit. The Catechism states this as, "the term "person" ... designates the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the real distinction among them” (CCC 252)

God is not just some impersonal spirit. Nor is he some kind of object, but a instead he is a subject, a someone. God being personal means God always relates to us personally. God always relates to each of us with an infinite awareness and concern. This is such an important point when it comes to the Trinity. Unfortunately many people think the doctrine (teachings) of the Trinity are dry and abstract, but each point of Trinitarian doctrine reveals a wonderful message of love. In this case, God being personal, means we can have a real personal relationship with each of the divine persons. God wants to have a personal loving relationship with you, because he is already a personal loving relationship of persons. God always relates directly to us, personally. Every moment of every day is a chance to encounter the living God of love personally.

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The Catechism states, “the term "person" ... designates the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the real distinction among them” (CCC 252) Each divine person is distinct, but not separate and so not individuals. We also can't call them collectively people since they are united as one. Each person is God, whole and entire. Since God is personal, God always relates to us personally, and never as a means. Each doctrine (teaching) of the Trinity reveals something of God's incredible personal love for us. We should always be open to that love every moment of the day.